• What is Progat Begur?

    Is an association composed of volunteers, legalized and recognized by the Generalitat of Catalonia and our council.
    Its aim is to control the colonies of street cats by sterilizing.
    Progat Begur was created in the year 2000 in our municipality.

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  • HELP US - Collaborate - Donate - Bequeath

    You can become a volunteer and collaborate with us on a regular or occasional basis.
    You can also make donations that will help us with the feeding and veterinary expenses of the cats.
    And you can leave whatever you want from your inheritance to continue helping stray cats when you’re gone.

    become a partnerDonations

    Visit our adoption space on this website or on our Instagram if you want to adopt a cat

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Why do we do it

  • Because our urban and modern society believes in the rights of animals and their intrinsic value, beyond their labor or commercial use.
  • The change that takes place in a community after sterilizing a colony of cats, likes both supporters of their presence in public spaces and those who are not, as it is clear from a situation that is uncontrolled to a controlled one .
  • To achieve a balance: cats are necessary as hunters and controlling births in the colony achieve the ideal coexistence in our urban environment.

How do we do it?

  • We locate a colony without sterilization.
  • We carry the cats to the vet, which in the same operation marks them with a small cut in the ear.
  • We return to the colony, where we will try to put a Progat Point that will serve to control new cats without sterilization and their well-being through adequate nutrition.
  • The design and functionality of the Progat Points have been the subject of congratulation on the part of the Department of the Environment of the Generalitat and various associations of Catalonia.