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    The association is basically funded by the contribution of the partners and the different subsidies or grants that we receive from entities such as the City Council of Begur. In order to start up the different activities such as the sterilization campaign, all kinds of economic support is indispensable.

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We are very grateful for your cooperation. Begur’s Progat Association is active all year long and this entails a minimal infrastructure that is maintained thanks to the personal contributions of all the partners. In addition, from time to time we receive some help from both public entities such as the Begur Town Hall and private-sector entities.

However, your collaboration is very necessary to carry out the different activities that we are planning throughout the year, the maintenance and supply of subsidized dining rooms and sterilization campaigns.

We try to make our work a common good in which we all, the small four-legged ones and we as citizens we can enjoy, keeping our natural environment as sustainable as possible.

Thank you all!

The team of Progat Begur.

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